GUNSAMO GUGA COFFEE EXPORT possesses 25 years of genuine and reliable truck record on producing, illness supplying and exporting the top most and outstanding standard quality and organic coffee.

Of the 25 years’ experience, stuff our company used to be one of the major domestic supplies to the Ethiopian commodity exchange (ECX) and Sidama farmers’ cooperative union for 8 and 4 years respectively prior to its recent strategic shift to coffee exporting activities.
Having passed through all the aforementioned years of experience, our company made strategic shifts to focus on export marketing activities. Prior to plunging into such a grand business, we have gained all the necessary export requirements, financial and managerial capacity, knowledge and technical skills pertaining to the philosophy of coffee exporting.

To this effect, we have a profound pleasure in informing you that GUNSAMO GUGA COFFEE EXPORT has been established as coffee exporter since November 2014 this year in the capital city ADDIS ABEBA, ETHIOPIA.

  • Our company is striving for the best and entire satisfaction of our customers through exporting exclusively the best Ethiopian coffee which is purely organic and of premium quality known for its unique aroma, find flavor and good cup quality the international community at a competitive and reasonable price.
  • We work for mutual benefit with our corporate farmers by providing them reasonable price for their coffee supply to our company so that they can uplift their financial strength. We also strive to provide farmers with high quality coffee for mutual benefit.
  • Our company will strive to create income generating means for the needy to minimize unemployment rate
  • To become one of the largest coffee exporters.

As part of its expansion program, ampoule the company intends to expand its own current coffee plantation land from 40 hectare to 500 hectare in the coming 5 years to increase its export volume so that it can export to different countries.

The company is also planning to engage in exporting roasted and instant coffee to different parts of the world.

Our company strongly complies with strict adherence to the highest standards of quality, cheap timely delivery, keeps a stock safely in its warehouses as per the ministry of trade regulations. To make sure buyers are confident with the products, our company keeps its priority for quality of its export products and in an independent quality control strives to meet buyer’s requirements.

At present our company has its own 40 hectares of coffee plantation land. The land is surrounded by a variety of natural vegetation which provides the coffee plantation an excellent shade. The surrounding rivers are free of pollution. Our coffee plantation use natural (organic) fertilizers such as compost, healing animal dung and so forth. The company has well-trained and organized human resources to carry out all the activities before and from during harvesting season and after collecting the products to dispatching our quality coffee to the international buyers.

Currently, cialis our company has one washed and unwashed (sundried) coffee preparation areas from the farmers to the Ethiopian commodity exchange (ECX). All the coffee plants are located at an altitude of -------------- and sea level of ------------. These climatically conditions provide for the high quality production.